Mine Four Cousinz Chapter 4 – The Curiousity

“Good morning sleepy head” Moipone said.

“Oh what time is it?” I asked as I opened the curtain and being met by the sunrise. my room is on the eastern side of the building.

“Time to wake up, let’s go to church” Loving said.

“I don’t think that she will be able to go to church, all she needs now is a cup of coffee” Moipone said.

“So how did I end up in here? I can’t remember what happened last night!” I asked.

“Let’s just say that you were found peacefully asleep by the stairs and subsequently brought in here” Moipone said. Read more





I’ll go straight to the point, this is the last time you will be hearing from me on this blog. I have so much on my plate now that I have decided that it will be best if I can put this to an end. Otherwise the quality of the chapters posted would be diminished and I pride myself in giving my all.


It was nice while it lasted but yes this is the end of KMP, VFM and YBS. I have so many ideas but it is a shame that time is not on my side. I will miss this but I will leave it to people who aren’t pushing an 8-5 job like I do. I am proud of the fact that I have kept this going for more than a year.


Thank you for the support, expect my work to hit the shelves at your favourite bookstores one of the good days.


I hope you have learnt a thing or two from this blog. Truth of the matter is that none of the stories will have any ending. I ended KMP (three times) but still continued, just to show that even YBS won’t have a proper ending. I appreciate all the comments, likes, shares and recommendations.


God Bless and StayBlessed.

Thabang Lebepe