In life we face challenges on a daily basis and sometimes we are forced to make decisions because we do not have a choice. People say that you always have a choice, always… the problem is that sometimes it is not about the choices you make but the consequences. I sold my car and now I feel good about it because it is for a good cause. On the other hand I’m thinking about my parents, will they ever be okay with it? Oh well it was on my name so it was mine, I will buy another one whenever I can afford it. So for now I’m going to be like majority of students here in Still College; I’m going to use public transport. It will be a challenge because I hardly used a taxi in my life and now I have to use it on a daily basis. Who knows, maybe I will enjoy it. Read more


Sometimes in life you need to pause and think back, it is so simple to follow advice that sounds like music to an ear. Nolo’s advice sounds good, I mean to have Jimmy and Judas in my life wouldn’t be such a bad idea financially. I would never go broke and since the two do not know each other, that means that I can play the game for as long as I want. However, people who give advices usually never practice what they preach. Nolo doesn’t even have one boyfriend, she is focused on building her own brand. It is such a shame that women like Nolo usually end up with jerks! I mean how many hard working independent women do you know out there who are in relationships with lazy couch potatoes? The problem with us women is that we like to compare and then we defend ourselves saying that we do not compete. Think about it, if you cannot compare if you are not in competition… get it? Read more


So Judas phoned me early Monday morning and asked for the directions to my new place because he wanted to fetch me. At first I hesitated but then I ended up giving in. The guy has proven his worth in so many occasions. Well in terms of patience that is, and that’s what I adore the most about him because guys tend to want things now and fast. Others treat girls like a piece of chicken and think that they can order takeaways! So it is what it is, Uncle Jerry knows about everything and Letsatsi was right, they do look at me differently from her. You could tell that Jerry is beyond disappointed about me. I’m still surprised that he didn’t tell my granny that I didn’t sleep home the other night. Thankfully he is not a snitch otherwise I would be going home now. Read more


So the plan worked and I have Letsatsi to thank. I don’t think that I would have done it without her so I’m really grateful. Finally I went to take a bath, you know after such a night that I’ve had with Jimmy I should have taken the bath first thing in the morning but due to the circumstances I couldn’t! I have done so many foolish things last night, things that I’m not proud of. I don’t know how I have done it but I should never ever repeat them. I don’t know what got into me last night because everything that I’ve done was just… Read more