Kapish Bloggers Corner II


Good morning to all of you mbalis and smarties out there. First of all I thank God for this platform and continuous expansion of this blog. Yes we are getting there slowly but surely, I have been going through some of the comments and noticed how the word is spreading out there, there are smarties everywhere now, from Pretoria to Midrand, Mpumalanga to Cape Town, even from Umlazi to Northern Cape! Thank you for your continuous support, remember, the blog is nothing without you, bad and good comments alike, I appreciate such honesty and I try by all means to keep the ball rolling. One smart man once said that patience is a virtue, so remember for a chapter to be remarkable and breathtaking, there should be proper planning, proof reading, amendments and alterations here and there. Take note that the book was written a long time ago, in fact, I began writing the book in the year 2005, but we know how times have changed since back then, so to keep it going, I have to keep it rolling, imagine if I had to keep the original lines, like “….he is such a darling, he brought me the new phone that I always wanted, Nokia 3310” lol. I hope you get my point, so all the amendments are indispensable hence sometimes it’s only gonna be one chapter per day, but the last two days I have managed to bless you with a chapter every morning, evening and during midnight after 12am. The book was initially called ‘The Life and Times Of Smart Boy’ and only focused on the black boy, but can you honestly tell me that you can imagine it without the beautiful miss KMP?

As you know today is Women’s Day, (well everyday is women’s day) so I have decided to share something with you smarties.

There’s an empowering song by R.Kelly called a Heart Of A Woman, and on the song there’s a part that goes like,

There are so many answers to the question what yall do for us
And so many reasons for the word why we loving yall
For instance how you just take us and lift us up
Give us chance after chance and we still find a way to F things up
And sometimes yall go and blame yourselves for the things we do
Cause you love us so much our lies become the truth
Yall try so, so hard to make things work

Finding a way to smile, just to keep from showing that you hurting”

Indeed we do all those things mentioned and even more! There is a saying that goes like, ‘mosadi o tshwara thipa ka bohaleng’ for those who don’t know Sepedi/Tswana/Sotho, it simple means that a woman holds a knife at its sharp end. This is so true if you can think about it, all the drama, labour pains, the ‘red dot’, raising up children, working, finding the balance in being a woman, mom, wife and a super someone in the community! Remember, even Adam couldn’t make it on his own when he was in the Garden of Eden, so God had to introduce Eve to the party. I don’t wanna be long with boring speeches like this is a women’s league gathering, let me leave you with a verse or two from the book of Proverbs 31, we all know the chapter – The Wife Of A Noble Character, please do make time to read the whole chapter as this is just the snippets of the whole section;

A wife of a noble character, who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

She provides food for her family,

She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy,

She makes covering for her bed,

She is clothed with strength and dignity,

She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue,

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her,

“Many women do noble things but you surpass them all”

Happy Women’s Day!!!!! Thank you and God bless!

Moving on, below are some of the burning questions that I’d like us to talk about,

  1. What’s your take on PBNJ?
  2. Who’s your most favourite supporting character between Boroko and Fernando?
  3. Is smart boy single?
  4. What’s your take on chapter 25 – The Platonic Honey? Still confused or figured it out? sebza on August 8, 2013 at 10:02 am said:

    What the heck am I reading?

    sebza on August 8, 2013 at 10:20 am said:

    I read it fo the second time n I still dnt get it,,, I hate being domu

  5. Since today is women’s day, based on Proverbs 31, who fits the part to be The Wife Of A Noble Character? Between Kim. Bel, Nay, Cindy, Jen, Erika, Boitu, Mimi, Lolly, Amanda, Cindy’s mom, Sharon etc. Or even our own gorgeous banana, Summer.
  6. Is Cindy also known as Jennifer?
  7. Intersexions; how many links are have you noticed between the two worlds so far? The obvious one being Kim-Comfort-Smart Boy…
  8. Is Bel talking to Grav or Bizarre on chapter 25?
  9. What’s your favourite nickname, or even a character name in the book?
  10. Last but not least, the questioned that was raised even during the last KBC, is lil Kim the black boy’s Summer?


Once again, Happy Women’s Day, stay blessed and Toodeloo.

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  4. mbali says:

    I really think Bel was talking to Bizzare in chapter 25 cz she asks abt him being expelled nd so far da only person who has bn expelled is Bizzare.I really like comfort,his name somma suits him.

  5. Zee says:

    Have you thought about selling this blog to the Department of Education as literature for 14 year old Grade 8 students in the Life Orientation class? I’m not a teacher but I have a niece that age. I think that is the perfect age where they need to start debating these issues amongst themselves, with teachers and really learn from them. You touched a lot issues relevant to today’s kids.

  6. Kwena says:

    1.PalesaBoitumeloNaynayJeniffer its gonna turn out bad for the team since P is smart boy’summer and he shagged B who happens to be his cousin’s gf and N is his matric dance date who knows about J maybe she might fall in love with him on the way
    2.Fernando man Nando always leave me in stitches everytime he opens his foul mouth to speak lol
    3.Yes he is single for now by the look of things
    4.I figured it out immediately when I saw baby bee name and bee stings or bee marks on it I thought to myself poor dude that she shagged lol because it wasn’t Smarty since he got a call before he can rip his pants off
    5.I beg your pardon we never met Cindy’s mom but Kim’s mom and Smarty’s but anyway my take will be Kim she is still a virgin remember even though she is naïve and make stupid decisions I think if she can meet a good smart man who will be able to guide her she will be one and mind you she is got a kind beautiful hard that’s simply the reasons why those devils are taking advantage of her
    6.No Cindy has her own car and she is sharing a flat with Boitumelo while Jen is still under the hawk eye of her strict dad who came to take her away from the she is probably staying at Sosha
    7. Kim-Comfort-Zoro , Smart Boy-Naynay-Kim, Boroko-JezBel-Smart Boy, Kenny-Comfort-Smart Boy yoh the list is endless
    8.She was talking to Gravity remember he called her sweets and Gravity is the nickname he got from Kim his name is Gosiame while Bizarre’s name is Michael
    9.Naynay my cousin’s name is Reneilwe and we call her Nnei or Renei it depends on our moods while she calls herself Rene
    10.Yes she is his summer its just that Smart Boy is domu sometimes he only recognized her while she still had long hair ai what a bore
    Toodeloo Kapish Wabbles

  7. Flowers says:

    Please consider having a subscriber list so we can get emails of your latest posts…

    1 PBNJ is gona get ugly when they realise that their connection goes beyond the party and Naynay
    2 Boroko, he seems to be the only person with a morale compass and he is such a mysterious chap
    3 Smart boy is single, o rata basadi Mara he seems like a focused kid. Him being hurt by the thought of someone cheating on his Summer and being uncomfy with sleeping with both Boity and Sindi shows this
    4 I suspect it’s Bel and Gravity on a mission to get money out of Kim Mbali/Palesa
    5 None of them… Naynay comes close but like they say in Sepedi, “a go nkge go sa bola” This strong girl thing has me doubting her character.
    6 Possible
    7 Thabiso (Smart boy’s brother) broke into Kim’s mom’s house and shot her, Naynay was Smart boy’s matrix dance date, Boity slept with Smart boy and is new friends with Kim and is dating Smart boy’s cousin welcome
    8 Grav
    9 Kim Mbali, great play on words
    10 She SO totally is!! At the hospital she was there when Smart boy got hit by Sindi, Smart boy saw her with comfort, Smart boy saw her when she saw Bel and Grav

  8. Nqanqa says:

    Naynay and comfort are my fav characters. Gravity is chatting to Belz (platonic honey). Cindy / Jen yhooo! TROUBLE lol! So many links smartboy-kim-cindy, smartboy-boity-welcome, zoro-kim-smartboy lol!!!! Fabulosity! Can’t wait to read more.

  9. BOO!Radley says:

    I highly appreciate your blog Sir. Now to answer some of your questions:
    1. As much as the PJNB (apologies if I got it wrong) is about empowerment it seems like the group has so many secrets which makes it a little unsettling.#Dirty Laundry
    2. There are so many intersexions its not even funny, I think that’s the beauty of the book.
    3. Bel was with out a doubt talking to Gravity!
    4. Sindiswa CAN NOT be Jennifer- it doesn’t make sense if she is.
    PS is Comfort Gay??? That makes everything interesting. Ohh and I’m waiting for Nando to make a move on Smartie!#Strong mack!
    6. Smartie is defiantly single, a Boy having FUN!
    P.P.S ey bra what about the Eastern Cape??! Hawu?

  10. Lid_Mak says:

    Representing Limpopo Polokwane!
    I like boroko’s character, as for mr smart yena he’s single and seems to be very available to every girl who crosses his path. I think every lady needs some kind of PBNJ in their life, it can get a little overwhelming sometimes and it for that reason God gave us people who’ll knock some sense into us coz He can’t come down physically. I love the nickname ‘naynay’ and i think she might represent a wife of noble character. Good writing

  11. Tsvakai says:

    Chpt 25 is abt Gravity and Bel. Gravity is a pimp for Bel the hoe. 2ndly Bel and Gravity were playin Kim, they were in a relationship with her for financial gain ie the friendship (bel) and dating ( gravity).

  12. Moeh says:

    I agree wit u Warona…Well m kinda confused ngo Bel if she was tlkng 2 Bizzare Or Grav…Bt I’m sho u Grav the confusing part is uBizzare angakwenza lokho bcoz akanamali!!! NayNay is My gal!!! As 4 smart boy- Thnk Nando 4 keeping u out of d streets!!!

  13. Lala says:

    Hey Thabang, just so u know u got fans here in Botswana. Me & my cousin are hooked for good. Re go rata ngwaga otlhe, tswelela o dire bontle, Modimo a go segofatse

  14. Loater says:

    Well Jen can’t Cindy’s other name remember Cindy goes to Still college and Jen goes to UP. Smartie is single, he’s not committed to any1, Cindy just likes to be chased just nje she is not really for a relationship. Could it be that Naynay wants to replace Michael with Smartie? I hope Boity is not pregnant hey, if she is pregnant maybe the father of the baby is that kind guy who left work to help rescue Kim. Lol i bet the guy works ko some government department in Pretoria.

  15. Warona says:

    Durban yonke baba not just Umlazi. I’m at the Bluff & spreading this blog like fire. I’m sooo enjoying my maternity leave. Keep up the good work!!

  16. sipho says:

    Still loving the blog.

    Boroko has got 2 b my fav,even the name suits him perfectly

    I haven’t seen “The wife of noble character ” yet still like cindy thou.

    Chapter 25 was soooooooo confusing bt figured it out in the end, it was bel n grav.

    So whats up with chapter 28? NOT COOL!!!!

  17. jackie says:

    yeah man keep up the good work im in JHB and ive been recruiting a few friends from Cape Town and Free State to read this Blog i hope that they will enjoy it as much as I am. You should think about selling this to SABC bro and cast the crew from your readers. at least its people who already know the lines and what to expect besides when you read something like this you already imagining the characters in your head.

  18. Futhie says:

    Wow I just read all 27 chapters in one day! I’m hooked big time! Thx for sharing your talent with us and a dammn good talent at that. And well done on the Bloggers corner, staying in touch with your readers shows your passion and dedication! Can’t wait for the next chapter! Well done once more!

  19. Kea says:

    Loving this wholeheartedly!

    Gosiame is gravity because in chapter 2, Kim mentions how she always partners with Gosiame who happens to be her boyfriend! And that’s when she then says but they call him gravity!

    Cindy cannot be Jennifer , for she drives and Jen doesn’t! And on the day Kim went to the party where she met Jen, its that same night when Cindy almost gave it up to smartboy! So no,cindy and Jen are two different girls!

  20. vuyelwa says:

    Add Eastern Cape dude…yes Kim is Summer and what kind of a cousin does that to his family “Gravity” anywho thanx a lot for the daily dose

  21. Black Pearl says:

    First n foremost kudos on da talent brother!!I’ve been shadowing u bt akusathuleki,to answer ur ques:
    Q1-PBNJ have a “hidden bond” so 2 say since Boity slept with Smartie,Naynay went on her matric ball with Smartie,Jen who by da looks of things is Miss Dramatic Cindy who almost got scooped by Smartie and Miss Paley aka Kim aka the angelic Summer who is fantasised bt Smartie so da common denominator here is LUNCH BAR!!!!!

    Q3-technically Smartie is single bt Cindy on da other hand wants 2 prove this otherwise,after dat incident when she almost had her cookie taken out of da cookie jar I guess she assumed they were Bf n Gf no wonder da poor thing gets so hysterical when nt told abt da job!!!Smartie is a rolling stone although his plate mite just fill up one of these days ;)

  22. chabi says:

    baby bee is bel and i wud like to see wat happens wen smart boy realises he got a lap dance from borokos lil sis. i wud also like to see wat happens at the wedding and i dnt think cindy is jeniffer if it was so she would have picked palesa in her own car nt call another friend. bel was talking to gravity and i love both boroko and fernando for work and home. my best character is smart boy even though im female bt he needs to b careful who he shaggs and for me he is single and summer is his ideal gf and mbali fits part of it bt since smartboy thinks she is with comfort she might jst have lost the role. I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE THE WAY YOU GIVE US A CHANCE TO SHOW OFF ON HOW GOOD READERS WE ARE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GOD BLESS U AND THANK U FOR THE VERSE.

  23. ite says:

    Yes Kim is Summer, just that poor guy didnt recognise her.. Since she cut her hair remember hence he pulled the line’Do I know you’

  24. Gail says:

    huu bhuti, o skhokho. A: Gravity is Gosiame so Bel is talking to him on the surprise chapter. Cindy has a car, so she cannot be Jen who had to call a friend for help in need of one. Fernando n Boroko are funny bt I say let’s keep B, he will help us knw a lot abt Bel. Smart boy aka Lesedi wants what he can’t hev, I wonder what qualifies him to be called smart. kapish :we are waiting hle Thabang.

  25. Fulu says:

    Links- Bizzare-Naynay-smartboy-Cindy

    1.Kim is Summer.
    2.Cindy Cannot be Jennifer! Jennifer was taken home from the party in mabopane by her overprotective dad if my memory serves me right. Cindy stays alone with Boity and she drives! Cant be the same person.
    3. And i am sure Bel was talking to Bizzare in that unexpected chapter! I think Bizzare is into Bel and he got pissed off cos Grav was kissing on his merchadise….this was no longer about KMP.

    4. Smart boy thinks he is single but i think he is now officially juggling two girlfriends( Boity and Cindy) and two imaginary girlfriends (Summer and Bee).
    5.I prefer Boroko’s character to Nando
    6. PBNJ- All future Bananana Baby mamas lol- Smartboy is getting himself into a tangle here.
    Thinking too mch:
    -It seems to obvious to say Baby Bee is Belinda? How does she get beat up in the streets if she is working in a brothel? is there another Pro in our midst?
    -How does Zoro maintain his lifestyle if he is a student? Erika sounds very Cougarish to me.

  26. MissIngy says:

    Nna ke ithatela Boroko le Nando. Boroko always reminds me of the nyaope boys ba kasi(Mams)..his slow movement and the way he eats. Nando just kills me…hilarious(don’t take him out)! Again thanks for the great reads …can’t wait. Can u post already?? Lol!

  27. Mulan says:

    ….. And UAE

    To the women back home (and everywhere): ‘Have a blessed day’

    1. PBNJ as an item can be instrumental. Every gal needs their PBNJ for all the curve balls life will pitch at you and for all the blessings God will bestow upon you.
    Only concern here is Boity had an incident with smart boy, what impact will that have on smart boy and Summer ……?

    2. I’d have to say Fernando. He leaves me in stitches everytime he talks. Hahahah

    5. Jen wud be my WIFE OF A NOBLE CHARACTER. She only knew Kim 5 seconds, but ran to her side when NayNay called for help.

  28. Dee says:

    PBNJ- smart boy is inlove with P(alesa), he slept with B(oitumelo),went to his matric dance with N(aynay/reneilwe) and about to go the wedding with her the same wedding J(jennifer/sindiswa) his crazy friend is going to,.. This is tooo good. Love it.

  29. Chle says:

    Well I don’t think by any chance Sindiswa’s ada name is Jennifer…Den Y wud xe have called Boitumelo 2 call her BF inorder dey can go n fetch Kim @ skul da tym xe locked herself inda toilet?

  30. Bontle says:

    I like Nando, can just imagine his accent, lol! Smart boy bathong, I don’t think he even knows if he’s single or what but that’s guys for you, kind of stringing Cindy along while he has unfinished business with Boitumelo, its going to get messy I tell you

  31. phiwokuhle says:

    I like the ‘smarties’ sweet…2005 hey? wow but with writing time is a need..result being perfection…wish I had time to answer all the questions…but am going on stage in a few minutes lol..I know was just checking if something is out..
    Kapish ma gents and toodeloo to the ladies..

    Happy Womens dag! blowing kisses

  32. NunuzWakhe says:

    2005……..Wooooowwwwww!!!!! I like Nayney…she seem like a strong charector! Fernando adds ligher side of life 4 Smartboy!!! Sindy is a typical Xhosa (there is def nothing 2 update there even if had posted this ngo 2020),I like her though!!!!! Otherwise, keep up the gr8 work!

  33. Hey smarties, HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY bo baby!! I really think that South Africa has a long way to go wen it comes to gender equality. As long as at home there r still father’s undermining their women infront of their kids especially boys things will neva get better. We need to correct this ppl. Since its us that r being parents lets teach our kids respect n love towards both sexes, respect them too coz it goes both ways. Things like “monna ke selepe wa adimisanwa” corrupt men straight n wena as a woman coz o tshwara thipa kafo bogaleng bare o itshoke. Life really has to change. Lets love our women nt abuse them same goes 4 lona bo mama, love ur men dnt abuse them.

    Todeloos :)

  34. Tee says:

    Wait, so Naynay is the girl that went to smart boy’s matric dance? Or do they just have the same name. I love how everyone is connected and they all run in the same circle yet they don’t know. Congratulations on a good job!

  35. Tshedza Mr-P says:

    Happy women’s day indeed.

    1. As for PBNJ, if it Jeniffer is by any chance our FastForward Cindy, there is gonna be a serious problem/fight over smart boy. It will also turn into jelousy since smart boy is in love with Summer who is P in the group

    2. As much as I like Boroko’s Character, I think Nando should mind his language, lols, he reminds me of Ali from the sitcom Mind your language

    One other thing, the use of so many names makes it so interesting u’d want to have a notebook just to record the names so as to clear da confusion.

    Kapish, Toodeloo (lols, what does dat mean by the way?)

  36. Sea-party says:

    Well I have to say I’m no longer perplexed as to who Bel is having a conversation with on chapter 25. Gravity! She’s talking to Gravity.

Tell me what you think?